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What is a Dormer window and how can you style them?

A dormer window is widely regarded as a roof structure that projects vertically past the plane of a pitched roof. Therefore, a dormer structure which also contains a window. A dormer window has its own roof.

The main explanation on why dormer windows are so widely used, is that they allow a lot more light into your place of residence and enhance more usable space that is in the loft, something a Velux window or roof light cannot do. Dormer windows offer views to the outside just like a normal window. Adding a dormer window is often achievable without having fork out for full re-roofing costs.

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Loft Conversions – Avoid these common mistakes

House prices are rising at an alarming rate in the UK, making it more difficult for people to buy a new house and move. As a result, many are choosing to stay put and make improvements to their current homes.

Consider this, a loft conversion averages anywhere from £30,000 to £40,000; however, adding a loft room can increase your home’s value by about £60,000. In some areas, such as London, adding another room can increase your home’s value even more.

One of the most popular home improvements, a loft conversion is often used to add a new room. The new room in a loft may be used for another bedroom, a den, an office, or even a playroom for the kids.

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The cost of a loft conversion

The cost of loft conversions can vary depending on the type of loft conversion you want, along with the size of your home. When it comes to conversions, lofts are not always simple and as straightforward as many believe.

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How to convert a loft

Converting loft space into a usable room has become a popular way to increase the space in a home, while also adding value to the property. However, before starting your own loft conversion, it’s a good idea to consider what will be involved in the process.

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