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30 years’ experience

The Ecotrus story

On a cold January morning in Plymouth Thomas was inserting heavy steel rsj beams that weighed 300kg each into the roof of a property.

Thomas knew he had another 2 referral jobs on the same new build estate to do which the steel size was the same.

In the afternoon on the second job on the street Thomas met the structural engineer on site to confirm the layout was the same thus resulting in the same size steels.

Thomas questioned the engineer as to why the steels was so big?

“with climate change upon us the snow load (possible weight of snow allowed on a roof) has gone up, and it will keep going up”

This got Thomas thinking…

A couple of days later Thomas called the engineer to ask why we couldn’t create a solid frame around the existing truss’? Why cant we go the same way as the truss and rather than put Huge steels against the grain of the loft why cant we put may small steels the same way as the truss’ increasing head height, saving time and saving Thomas’ shoulders and back.

The engineer came back to Thomas and said its possible, but its never been done. And the reason was the connections and the time to develop the calculations and drawings.

Thomas started to develop the idea and the connections and the challenges and under advice started the patent process to protect what could be a great invention.

Thomas took his new idea and started to develop models and Cad drawings of how this would work and he knew he needed light gauge steel rolled to build.

Thomas approached a company called uroof and met David, Mark and Dawn.

They had a world of experience in Light gauge steel and was a nationwide supplier and manufacturer of steel buildings, roofs and outbuildings.

Thomas and David spent many many months developing the system making major and minor tweaks along the way.

Each of the models we created needed testing to best and worse case scenario with calculations to certify and rolled out into production.

After 2 years the system grew from strength to strength with patents pending in uk, Europe and even the Usa the potential for this product is tremendous and the future for loft conversions is now in clear sight.

With a self funded clear business model to follow in the footsteps of velux and other major product suppliers ecotrus has a exiting future to look forward to.

About us

Ecotrus was born in 2015 by Thomas Tolson from humble who’s father who’s father was an engineer and a grandfather who was a carpenter. Thomas ran a successful loft conversion company for 10 years and went on to develop the ecotrus system based on his own experience in this sector.

Our head office is in Leeds. Through our app based system we are able to operate the length and breadth of the country with all your documents, schedules and online chat facility all at your fingertips to an extremely high calibre.
We operate small professional teams with many ex-servicemen. We are dedicated to providing you with a small miracle that supports our company vision – “To be a household name for everything loft structure related”. Through methods that are constantly being developed, we can perform in the dirtiest of loft spaces with minimum disruption to your home.

We are all very proud of our work and every employee is proud to be part of the ecotrus family!

If you or a family member believes they have what it takes to have a career at ecotrus please forward your CV to info@ecotrus.co.uk

How it works


Step one

Contact us! We can remotely measure your space with just your address and a few details we can provide a estimate

Step two

Survey. We meet on site and conduct a detailed survey and create a 3d CAD model to scale to visualise your new elevation.

Step three

Build. We build your structure off-site to laser accuracy. Everything is loaded onto a lorry and sets off the night before to arrive in the morning.

Step four

Install. The ecoTRUS system goes up quicker than you can imagine. Panel by panel, piece by piece, the transformation is then complete.

Meet the team



Accounts Director

Steve manages all the accounting operations throughout the group and makes sure each individual project is accurately costed and brought in on budget through carefully created spreadsheets and software.


Operations Manager

My name is Lisa Khan and I am the Operations Manager, my role here at Ecoloft is to process and manage all enquiries to assure you receive 100% customer service and an instant response to all the questions you may having surrounding your loft conversion.


Design Surveyor

Torin is an Ex rugby leage and crossfit champion. He has been with the company 5 years and spends his time surveying properties up and down the country


Accounts Manager

Will is our accounts manager from accross the pond, the big apple to be precise. He started life as a forensic accountant, likes basketball and always dressed sharp in the office


Marketing Manager

Mark is our marketing manager. He is abit of a petrol head, in love with all things motoring – cars, motorbikes and formula one



Jim is our Architect. He’s an ex serviceman having spent years in the force. He’s also our resident computer wizard


Technical Manager

Our Technical Manager Tom is passionate about Motorbikes, cars and conveniantly for him, construction. Tom is very strategic and an integral cog in the eco-loft machine.


General Manager

Andy, Our General manager, like Jim is also an ex serviceman with 13 years time served as a royal engineer. Organising the eco-loft troops with military precision.

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