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Looking for an Approved Installer or Architect for your home?

Become an Approved Installer or Architect

Grow your business with an ecoTrus Accreditation

ecoTrus offers an industry-leading installer accreditation scheme, ensuring our network of installation and design partners demonstrate the quality and reliability our customers expect.

Being ecoTrus certified demonstrates to your customers that you design and install our patented conversion system to the expected level of quality we insist on every time. Being ecoTrus accredited provide you with a mark of quality to provide assurance every time, on every project.

The steps to becoming accredited

There are five steps to becoming an ecoTrus accredited installer. These are:
1. Registration and Investment in Success
Begin your journey by officially registering your company as a potential ecoTrus installer. To get started, there’s a nominal fee, a £1000 training cost. This covers administrative needs, software and equipment and initial processing. Don’t forget to submit essential details, like proof of insurance with a minimum coverage of 2 million.
2. Exclusive Training in Leeds for Operational Excellence
Take your business to the next level with our exclusive training program in Leeds. For an investment of £1000, you and your team will gain hands-on experience with full-size roofs and a purpose-designed measuring area. Plus, you’ll master ecoTrus procedures, processes, and their cutting-edge 3D mixed reality app. This training is all about refining your operations to align with our own and ensuring customer satisfaction.
3. Business Registration and Brand Enhancement
After completing the training, distinguish your business by becoming a registered ecoTrus installer. Showcase your company on the ecoTrus website and leverage the included branding pack for a stronger online presence. This complimentary pack helps you promote your certified status on social media, reinforcing your brand and attracting discerning clients.
4. Showcase Business Competency Through Projects
Prove your business competence by successfully completing 3-5 projects with on-site support using the ecoTrus loft conversion system. This hands-on experience not only reflects your commitment to ecoTrus standards but also positions your company for sustained success. After completing these projects, your business earns certified partner status, unlocking exclusive benefits and signaling reliability to potential clients.
5. Strategic Collaboration for Sustainable Growth
Collaborate strategically with ecoTrus to drive your business towards sustainable growth. As a certified partner, enjoy the privilege of receiving pre-qualified local leads directly from ecoTrus. This exclusive partnership ensures a steady stream of opportunities, with up to 20 leads per month, allowing your business to thrive. Embrace the ongoing support and resources provided to navigate industry challenges, establishing your company as a leader in the loft conversion sector.

Our Accreditation Schemes

Professional Partner Programme

For Architects & Engineers

Approved Installer Programme

For Builders
  • ecoTrus Installer Classroom Training

    Basic ecoTrus
    Classroom Training

  • Getting started with Practical Training

    Getting started
    with Practical Training

  • The ecoTrus System - Core Principles

    The ecoTrus System –
    Core Principles

  • ecoTrus System Installation Training

    The ecoTrus System –
    Installation Training

  • ecoTrus Accreditation Award Ceremony

    ecoTrus Accreditation
    Award Ceremony

  • ecoTrus Installer - Certificate and Award

    ecoTrus Installer –
    Certificate and Award

    Get these major benefits to your business with an ecoTrus accreditation

    Boost Organizational Efficiency

    Becoming an ecoTrus approved installer drives organizational efficiency within your company. Streamlined processes and access to cutting-edge software contribute to smoother project execution.

    Accelerate Cash Flow and Customer Satisfaction

    Increase cash flow and project turnaround times, leading to happier customers. The ecoTrus partnership empowers your team to deliver quality eco-friendly installations efficiently, enhancing overall client satisfaction.

    Join a Professional Network

    Connect with a network of professionals within the ecoTrus community. This collaboration opens doors to valuable partnerships, shared insights, and opportunities for mutual growth.

    Stay Updated with Latest Tools and Products

    Stay ahead of the curve by staying up to date with the latest products and tools. ecoTrus offers onsite demonstrations and trials, ensuring that your team is well-versed in the most advanced and sustainable construction technologies.

    Access a £100 Million Annual Project Pipeline

    By becoming an ecoTrus approved installer, you gain access to a substantial £100 million per year pipeline of properties earmarked for conversion. This steady stream of projects provides a lucrative opportunity for business expansion.

    Marketing Support and On-site Video Creation

    Leverage marketing support from ecoTrus to enhance your business visibility. Additionally, benefit from on-site video creation, effectively showcasing your eco-friendly installations and strengthening your brand image.

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