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Our History

How a unique and innovative truss removal system came to be
Explosions and fireworks might not be the usual inspiration for innovative construction solutions, but that’s precisely where the ecoTrus story begins.
ecoTrus About Us- Partners

Tom, our founder, started his career in the early 2000s as a pyrotechnician in the TV and film special effects industry, working for H.A and C Rowley LTD. In this unique role, Tom became the youngest pyrotechnician at that time in the UK.

The film industry demands that buildings remain intact even after they’ve been blown up.

This requirement led Tom to develop a talent for swiftly removing existing roofs, replacing them with action props, and then restoring the original roofs perfectly.

It was during his time working with these dwellings that Tom recognized the untapped potential of wasted attic spaces. Thus, ecoloft was born. Initially conceived to maximize the functionality of loft areas, the concept involved pre-manufacturing as many components as possible to enhance on-site efficiency.

Over the years, the company evolved into a highly organized and efficient loft conversion firm, complete with well-equipped vans, a welcoming office, and a dedicated team.

However, a significant challenge arose. Installing heavy steel girders, especially on smaller semi-detached houses, was causing considerable damage and disruption. The cost of these beams, along with the labor-intensive and risky installation process, was continually rising. Tom distinctly recalls a cold January morning in Plymouth when he had to insert a 300kg heavy steel RSJ beam into a property’s roof.

Ecoloft took pioneering steps in truss removal by reinforcing the outer perimeter of the triangle, first with timber and then with light-gauge galvanized steel.

In 2016-17, after collaborating with Peter from Glenelg Product Design, a calculated prototype was ready to approach manufacturers. Once CAD drawings were finalized and signed, Tom approached several light-gauge steel companies, some of which were willing to explore the idea but were hesitant to assist with its development.

Fortunately, after meeting Mark Prentice and David Thurston, strong partnerships were formed. Now, with 12 individual unique patent claims in both the UK and Europe (with the USA pending), the plan was in motion.

ecoTrus officially launched in 2020, just as the COVID-19 pandemic hit, but the team persevered. Collaborating with an increasing number of contractors, they completed over 350 successful installations. This success prompted the establishment of a training centre and a learning facility to teach others how to install this revolutionary product.

Focusing on Design and Innovation

In 2021, Ian Davis joined ecoTrus as Managing Director, bringing a wealth of business management experience to the team. What followed was a restructuring of business goals and ambitions, beyond the installation of the revolutionary ecoTrus system.

With this shift away from installation, ecoTrus decided to emphasize on design and product delivery. In the last 18 months, the company developed its own 3D VR and mixed reality technology, allowing clients to visualize their spaces in real-life size.
Additionally, a full-size mixed reality assembly model was created to showcase all the connections right before the clients’ eyes.

Future Endeavours

As demand continues to grow, and international interest builds we shall continue building robust systems for value delivery as we shall start our first round of funding in 2024 to expand its innovative solutions on a global scale. If anyone would like to discuss investment or funding, please contact Vanessa at

Company Mission Statement

“We believe through innovation, logic and passion we can improve the home development experience and leave the world a better place than we found it”
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