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A hip to gable conversion is taking a hipped roof that slopes on all sides and creating a peak on the side and 9 times out of ten we also create a rear dormer.

This is generally the most technical type of conversion as we at ecotrus remove the old roof and add on a new steel framed structure using the entire footprint of the property.

We strip back the old roof and lay the waterproof floor structure in a couple of days, the home below doesn’t even know we are here at this point!

We build up the gable end, add a brand new roof to the front and either tile or clad the dormer with all new rainwater goods and soffit and facias all with piece of mind of a whole new lid on the property.

The property goes through a miraculous transformation with the addition of a ecotrus hip to gable adding double the value of spend.

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How it works


Step one

Contact us! We can remotely measure your space with just your address and a few details we can provide a estimate

Step two

Survey. We meet on site and conduct a detailed survey and create a 3d CAD model to scale to visualise your new elevation.

Step three

Build. We build your structure off-site to laser accuracy. Everything is loaded onto a lorry and sets off the night before to arrive in the morning.

Step four

Install. The ecoTRUS system goes up quicker than you can imagine. Panel by panel, piece by piece, the transformation is then complete.

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