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What is ecoTrus?

A unique and innovative truss removal system


Unlocking space
& adding value
to your home
has never been easier

Revolutionising the Loft Conversion Industry

Revolutionising the

Loft Conversion


What is ecoTrus and how do I get it?

Revolutionising the loft conversion industry

The EcoTrus system has enabled us to complete loft conversions faster, cheaper and stronger than they have ever been done before!

The EcoTrus loft conversion system is a revolutionary loft conversion process which utilises the front and rear property walls rather than the party walls or gables.

We carefully construct the inner frame of your loft conversion offsite in our factory and then assemble on site – meaning less intrusion and build time at your property.

The system enables attic spaces to be maximized right to the edges using maximum head height with no heavy rsjs, only light gauge galvanized steel sections in panel form with seamless laser precision in a matter of days.

We have developed options for installation depending on whether you’re a homeowner, architect, builder or social housing sector.

What’s included?

Our fully comprehensive package

Having a loft conversion can be an extremely scary thought, so we have developed our company around making the most efficient methods and care to deliver perfect projects with no compromise.

With the expertise of time served, highly accredited architects and approved installers leading your project we take all the stress away.

The option below is ideal for homeowners, if you are capable of installing yourself, please see our self-install options.

  • (Optional) introduction to an appointed architect to design and manage the entire build.

  • Introduction to local certified and accredited installers.

  • 3D & AR (augmented reality) mixed reality full size assembly model.

  • Design Pack to include (Scaffolding Plans, Staircase Design, Internal Layout including Elevations and Insulation Build up to meet LABC regulations)

  • Complete ecoTrus structure and fixings pack

  • Assistance with your building control application

  • Temporary roof covering (not always necessary).

  • Full OSB roof covering.

  • Flooring, including insulation and internal battening ready for your secondary fix

  • Beautiful exterior finish of your choice to complement your home.

  • Flooring, windows, and pvc glazing.

  • Staircase first fix, no handrails or spindles.

An average semi detached property (30sqm) would cost £26-29K (plus VAT) for an ecoTrus Dormer system including ALL of the above. That leaves plenty of budget to spend on high-end interiors that complement family life.

Creating wealth in properties faster –

– That lasts longer!

In 2023 recent data shows the average loft conversion in central England (higher in the south) is 50-80k.

But with ecoTrus you can have the whole structure complete with windows, staircase, cool exterior finishes, and floor laid for around 30k with all your plans, calculations and building control paperwork included.

This leaves plenty of budget to complete your interior by Your preferred finishers such as bathroom fitters and luxury wardrobe installers and not be rushed by a “do it all” firm who just wants to get onto the next job.

We find clients like to get the scaffolding down, get the outside perfect and take there time with the interior as we know a little time can be creative and give you ideas for the perfect interior that compliments your life for generations.

Be Inspired

Be Inspired


3 Distinct Options –
1 Easy Choice
Experience tells us everyone knows what they want their outcome to be – you just need a different level of help depending on how you want to approach your project. We have a package to suit all three typical scenarios –

Option 1 – Self-Install

For skilled tradespeople capable of managing the installation independently, this option is ideal.
Here’s what it entails:
  • A site visit from our experts to assess your project.
  • Detailed 3D modelling of your new space, including an interactive 3D installation model.
  • Delivery of the complete ecoTrus components, along with a tailor-made fixings pack precision-engineered for your project.
  • Access to our comprehensive ecoTrus e-learning training program.
  • Laminated drawings and a building control pack, complete with all necessary calculations.
  • Full technical support from our on-site engineers, available as needed.

Option 2 – Find your Local Certified Installer

At ecoTrus we know what your home means to you – we are all homeowners ourselves. 

ecoTrus has a nationwide network of Approved Installers. They are all experienced contractors who have completed our extensive in-house training course and are expert in every aspect and application of our ecoTrus system.

They will be able to handle your enquiries directly and offer the full range of ecoTrus solutions. Simply find your nearest ecoTrus Approved Installer using our map or type your post code into the search box.

Certified Installation Experts

Leave the installation to the experts, while you envision the possibilities of your newly created space.

Option 3 – Architect-led design

Tailored for larger and more intricate properties, our Architect-Led Design-Build option offers a comprehensive solution.

Our regional architects Partner with local approved installers ensuring a streamlined and cost-effective process.

Here’s why it’s advantageous:
  • The architect and builder operate together, encouraging seamless project management.
  • Practical considerations of ‘buildability’ are integrated into the design process right from the start making projects run smoother.
  • Any problems they may encounter are dealt with swiftly together.
  • The result is a more joined-up process, delivering better value, saving time and in some cases works out cheaper than trying to manage the site yourself.
Across the UK
We’re active all over the UK, dedicated to environmentally responsible construction using the ecoTrus System.


We have saved over 125 acres of trees by completing 500+ projects – and counting!

Our system stands out because it’s fully recyclable and can be reused. If a house has it, you can easily take it apart and use it in another house, or change the design and make bigger or smaller in the future.

In traditional methods using wood, building a 3 bedroom 500-square-foot loft upto 10 to 15 trees (roughly a quarter of an acre) would need to be felled. And the quality of the timber these days is shocking.

When using the ecoTrus system it is using the equivalent of 2 scrap cars in recycled steel, and we think that’s pretty cool.

The ecoTrus System is designed with the environment in mind. It’s adaptable, so you can add extra floors or a dormer without much hassle. We keep waste to a minimum, and our galvanized steel is more environmentally friendly than wood or traditional heavy steel beams.

We also do most of our work in a factory, which reduces waste. We use materials efficiently and recycle any leftovers for the next project. Studies show that our modern construction methods are better for the environment compared to old-school approaches.

By working offsite, we also cut down on truck traffic to the construction site, reducing pollution and congestion. This is how we’re making construction greener and more sustainable. Join us in building a better future, one eco-friendly project at a time.

Ready to start
your ecoTrus
If you are unsure about which option is right for you, use our contact form and include your address – our team will be able to remotely measure your property and lend our experience.