A unique and innovative truss removal system

What is ecotrus and how do I get it?


The ecoTRUS system has now enabled us to complete loft conversions faster, cheaper and stronger than they have ever been before!

ecoTRUS enables loft spaces to be maximised.  All of the space, right to the edges, whilst maximum head height is retained, all with no heavy RSJ’s. We only use light guage galvanised steel sections in panel form, constructed with seamless laser precision and installed in a matter of days.

We have developed varying options for installation depending on whether you’re a home owner, architect, builder or social housing sector.

of What is a truss loft?

Trussed lofts are a fairly modern roof design.  They utilise a frame made up of triangles to support the roof where there is no wall to support the weight.
Due to the nature of the truss frame, it is a large undertaking to ensure the roof load weight is redistributed correctly. This involves a site visit from a structural engineer to ensure the load calculations of the roof are distributed evenly at all contact points. This procedure requires building control inspection and certification, something we take care of throughout the project.
Because of this, most loft conversion companies charge an excessive amount more to cover the extra workload. This is what makes the ecoTRUS system beneficial in every single way because the system works perfectly with every type of loft.

Project Includes:

ecoTRUS kit delivered
Complete fixings pack
Technical drawings
3d visual on app
Onsite technical support
Building control application and certification


Ecoloft understand that many of our customers have access to their own trusted tradesmen, so we’ve built an approach that gives you complete control over how much work you ask us to do. If you only want us to supply the product and certification, no problem! Choose Phase 1 and you can complete the rest.

If you would like us to complete the structure and appoint the contractors to complete your build choose Phase 3 and we would be delighted to do so! If you think you’re somewhere in between, then Phase 2 will be right for you.

The EcoTrus system now opens the opportunity for structural changes to be completed with ease. This means that we can pass those savings on to you and deliver a much stronger and more efficient structure.

Please note: We currently don’t do bathroom installs, tiling, carpets or paint.

The budget savings by breaking the project down like this is astronomical

Phase 1 supply only

We complete the space, you complete the room. Our quickest and most effective loft space:

ecotrus complete kit
complete fixings pack
Technical drawings
3d visual on app
Onsite Technical support
Building control application

Phase 2 Supply and install of ecotrus

We complete the space, you complete the room. Everything in Phase 1 plus:

Ecotrus complete pack delivered
Technical drawings
Installation of system in record time
Full handover to next tradesmen
Use of out operations app portal
Signed off by building control

Phase 3 final fix

The complete space, turn-key finish and ready to move in. Everything in 1/2 plus:

Supply and install by eco trus
Insulation and floor by ecotrus
Windows and glazing by ecotrus
First fix electrics and plumbing by ecotrus
Roofing by approved contractor
Plastering by approved contractor
Carpentry by approved contractor

How might this work?



As your appointed contractor we will supply and instal your loft structure, insulate, ventilate and get through building control.
We have appointed approved contractors nationwide to complete the exterior, plastering, and second fix joinery all through our app based customer portal where your projects managed at your fingertips with all contractors are literally working off the same page!


As a architect with your drawings we can work on a supply only basis for you to manage with technical advise or installation advice wherever needed.


We can come and architecturally draw your clients project and provide 3d visualisation but liaise with you only, you are our client.
We can either supply only and help oversee the installation or we can install it for you and leave the second fix to you
We operate a training academy in Leeds to become a approved installer, its £350 for up to 10 people for 2 days to learn the process and become certified.

Then ecotrus can pass clients into your catchment area of uk and Europe.

Social housing and third sector.

Social housing sectors are losing millions of pounds of revue by unconverted truss loft spaces unused and un tenanted.

With the housing crisis upon us we can provide economical solutions for large scale residential developments with minimal disruption and no need for clients to vacate.

For projects of ten units or more we can provide site cabins and work anywhere in Europe.


Able to do hipped and double hipped roofs leaving hip for storage


No ridge beam used, therefore increasing head-Height


No defects in heavy timber floor joists and no hangers needed


More eave storage space


Can also be used on traditional purlin or semi trussed lofts for sagging roofs


C section beam is galvenised so doesn't need fire paint like steels do life expectancy of 250 years!


20mm deflection gap over plasterboard allows cables to be pulled




No scaffolding, just a small tower and remove first few rows of tiles and gutter to insert


No crane needed so no permits and road closures


Most installs in just 2 days to ready for structural inspection by building control.


No heavy dangerous steel handling


No pocketing out of internal walls for padstones so no party wall agreements


Able to glaze full loft pitch floor to ceiling for more light and use of velux Juliette balconies


Able to do part conversions not full length of loft

How it works


Step one

Contact us! We can remotely measure your space with just your address and a few details we can provide a estimate

Step two

Survey. We meet on site and conduct a detailed survey and create a 3d CAD model to scale to visualise your new elevation.

Step three

Build. We build your structure off-site to laser accuracy. Everything is loaded onto a lorry and sets off the night before to arrive in the morning.

Step four

Install. The ecoTRUS system goes up quicker than you can imagine. Panel by panel, piece by piece, the transformation is then complete.

Introducing THE ecotrus (Truss removal system)

Roof lesson aside, these types of lofts are normally considered a ‘difficult’ job by many loft specialists and a great deal simply walk away! Well not here at ecoTRUS, we’re made of sterner stuff in Yorkshire and we embrace a good challenge.

We have created a support system which can convert modern truss lofts without ever impacting on the structural integrity of your roof.



The ecoTRUS loft conversion system is a revolutionary loft conversion process which utilises patented technology to complete loft conversions which are 30% stronger, 60% faster and 40% cheaper than traditional methods. We construct the inner frame of your loft conversion offsite in our factory and then assemble on site – meaning less intrusion and build time at your property.

Why Choose EcoLoft Room Creators?


We always deliver extremely high levels of service


We have completed hundreds of loft conversions with many happy customers.


Saving you thousands from other loft conversion companies

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